How Often Should Mower Blades Be Sharpened?

Many homeowners have the desire to maintain a healthy lawn. The use of sharp mower blades helps to cut grass cleanly which fosters the growth of a healthy lawn.

A dull blade rips off the grass and promotes grass diseases making the lawn unhealthy. Besides that, it reduces mowing time.

Mower blades need to be sharpened twice per session. The first sharpening should be done at the beginning of the session and the other sharpening in the middle of the session.

But the type of lawn determines how often mower blades need to be sharpened. If the lawn is full of debris like sticks and rocks then you will be expected to sharpen more than two times.

Meanwhile, it is difficult to state the exact times to sharpen the mower blades since there are many variables involved such as how long it takes to mow your lawn and how often you mow throughout the year.

How Often Should Mower Blades Be Sharpened?

How Can I Tell If My Mower Blade Needs Sharpening?

Another thing that is much easier to tell about your mower blades is when they are blunt apart from the number of times they need to be sharpened.

However, many people end up destroying their lawn in the name of testing the sharpness. We recommend checking the blades before thinking of mowing the lawn.

The first thing to consider is checking the sharp edges of the mower blades. If there are the presence of dents or major scratches then you need to think about sharpening them or else destroy your healthy lawn. 

If the dents are bigger then you have no option rather than replacing them. (Best deals of mower blades replacement on Amazon.)

Besides that, sharp mower blades have clean grass cut while blunt blades tend to rip off the lawn making it appear torn and ragged. This is another clear indication that your mower blades need to be sharpened.

Persistent use of blunt mower blades will force you to replace the lawn and this could turn out to be expensive.

The most interesting indicator is the mowing time. The use of sharp mower blades tends to take the shortest time whereas blunt blades increase the mowing time.

If you are looking to reduce the mowing time then consider sharpening the blades. This will also inhibit promoting grass diseases of the lawn due to clean cut.

How Can I Make My Mower Blades to Last Longer?

Blunt mower blades split the grass making it susceptible to diseases that can destroy your lawn. It is the reason why we recommend sharpening the blades after every session to facilitate a healthy lawn.

We have some recommendations here on how to make your mower blades to last longer without sharpening or replacing them.

The most common cause of dullness of the mower blades is lawn debris such as sticks and rocks. Therefore, look around the lawn and pick up all these debris to prevent running over with a mower and messing up with the blades.

The mess can make the blades either blunt or trigger the need for a replacement which is too expensive.

Besides that, consider sharpening the blades after every session that is a minimum of two times per session. Many people tend to rush to replacement rather than sharpening them first. The precaution will help to reduce the cost of maintaining the mower and also the lawn in the long run.

That’s not all. Figure out hints on how to sharpen the blades properly to minimize the rate of wear and tear. This implies that sharpening the blade too much will make them susceptible to wear and tear which will force you to replace them frequently. It is the reason why we recommend two times per session.

How Much Does It Cost To Sharpen Mower Blades?

The lawn sharpening mower cost tends to vary depending on several things such as the location and technician. We have found out that sharpening by yourself tends to be much affordable since you will incur the cost of the sharpener and the time only.

However, many mower sales and repair shops tend to charge less than $20 which is also affordable. Besides that, I have heard some mower sharpener pros charging about $5 to $10. Imagine sharpening twice or thrice per session? The cost might be automatically high as compared to doing it by yourself.

The good news is that those mower sales and repair shops tend to have experts who know exactly how to sharpen the mower blades though they do not make any profit from offering the service.

Some others are out to trigger the replacement of the blades and it is good to conduct the research properly before trusting any expert.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of online stores that sell mower blades at around $20 to $30 depending on the brand. But we recommend sharpening the blades until there is a dent that cannot be eliminated. Sharpening help to get rid of the nicks and restore the blade to normal condition.

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What Are The Benefits of Mowing with Sharpe Blades?

The main aim of sharpening the mower blades is to have a healthy lawn. Sharp blades tend to cut grass nicer resulting in a uniform and amazing appearance of the lawn in the homestead.

On the other hand, dull mower blades rip off the grass leaving it ragged and torn. This might also foster grass diseases that interfere with the health of the lawn.

That’s not all. Blunt mower blades increase the mowing time and this tends to exhaust the person in charge. The person will be forced to use a lot of energy to push forward and backward the mower during the session which could be tiring.

Do New Mower Blades Come Sharpened?

Absolutely yes. There is no need to further go ahead sharpening the blades. However, many brand new mower blades come with a thin coat of paint around the sharp edges and it is the reason why we recommend sharpening before fitting in the mower.

The good news is that the thin coat paint tends to peel off during mowing and there is no need to hassle about seeking sharpening services.

You can still use it and it will perform its duty quite efficiently. Use the above signs on how to tell if the mower blade needs sharpening before engaging in the hassle of sharpening.

In Conclusion

I hope the article has answered the question of how often should mower blades be sharpened. If you feel some parts of the question have not been addressed well then feel free to use the comment section to share them out.

Therefore, a healthy lawn is attained by the use of a sharp mower blade. Take the responsibility of sharpening them regularly and have proper maintenance to get a dream homestead lawn that has a nice appearance.

Remember dull mower blades result in torn and ragged grass which might enhance grass diseases hence affecting the beauty of your lawn.

Worn out mower blades might need immediate replacement. The most wonderful thing is that there are plenty of online stores where you can buy quality mower blades without draining your bank account.