How to Remove Dead Grass from Lawn (Step-By-Step Guide)

I love keeping my lawn green and lush throughout the year. The task can be an exciting and daunting experience at some point. Dealing with dead grass on the existing lawn is a real eyesore and should be removed asap to avoid complications.

How to remove dead grass from the lawn involves the deployment of a rake to scrape the top layer of dead grass. Besides that, use an outdoor vacuum or a lawnmower to remove the thatch from the lawn before reseeding. Perform the task when the ground is firm.

Dead grass on the existing lawn is inevitable and vulnerable to most grass species. It is due to fungus, inappropriate soil, pests, and adverse weather. Early spring is the best time to remove thatch when the lawn begins to turn green and the ground become firmer.

Continue reading this comprehensive guide to learn how to remove dead grass from your lawn. It also highlights reasons for thatching rake and reviving dead grass fast. Take the time to read from the beginning to the end.

Quick Steps for Removing Dead Grass from Your Lawn

Dethatching is essential to maintain a lush and healthy lawn. There are several methods for removing dead grass from your lawn. 

Use a Regular Thatching Rake

A regular thatching rake is ideal for a small lawn. It helps to slice into the grass and bring up large amounts of dead materials. 

I recommend raking in one direction to prevent damaging the grassroots. Use a metal leaf rake to clean the lawn after removing the thatch layer. 

Compost the thatch and recycle it into the garden. Organic matter is ideal for planting vegetables in the backyard garden since it helps to boost soil fertility.

Be sure to dethatch in summer, fall, and winter when the lawn is dormant. Avoid dethatching the grass in spring due to the transition between dormancy and active growth. 

Besides that, the energy and nutrient stores in grassroots are low. Avoid lawn care tips that might cause further damages or destruction. 

Use a Power Rake

A power rake is a dead grass removal machine for large lawns. The power rake has mechanical flails that work better than dethatchers.

It scours the thatch layer at high speeds and leaves the soil exposed to air. The golden rule is to diagnose the dead grass problem before going further.

Turn on the power rake and do a test first in a small area. Work on the entire lawn and clean up the dead grass. Repeat the process in the other direction for a better result.

Keep in mind that scraping off too much dead grass at once might ruin your lawn. I recommend hiring a professional lawn care expert for further assistance.

Reasons to Remove Dead Grass from Your Lawn

A thin thatch layer is ideal for your grass in the yard. But excessive thatch buildup will deter light, water, and air from the grass crowns and roots.

Many factors result in dead grass on an existing lawn. The removal process should address the specific problem to avoid reseeding the entire lawn.

The dethatching process guarantees a healthier, lusher, and greener lawn. Dead grass accumulation usually weakens and suffocates the lawn.

Below are other top benefits of removing dead grass from your lawn:

  • Helps to improve drainage
  • Foster better grassroots growth
  • Allows air, water, and nutrients penetration to the soil
  • Stimulates the existing grassroots and encourage new growths
  • Create more room for new seeds to have soil contact and increase germination chance

Best Dethatcher for Large and Small Lawns

Maintaining a lush and green lawn can be intimidating for beginners. Removing the thick thatch layer under the lawn helps to improve its health and overall look.

The best lawn thatcher will help you loosen the thick thatch between the soil and grass. Finding the best commercial dethatcher to add to your lawn care arsenal is crucial.

Note that lawn size, motor power, tines, weight capabilities, and dethatcher width are vital factors to consider before buying a lawn dethatcher.

I recommend the following lawn dethatchers after undertaking expensive trials and errors. These tools are suitable for either small or large lawns.

Greenworks 10A Corded 14-Inch Dethatcher

The GreenWorks 14-inch dethatcher is the best option for a small and medium-size lawn. The 10A motor makes this electric dethatcher an incredible deal for city lots and suburban yards.

The 14-inch wide dethatching path with 18-stainless steel tines allows fewer passes over the lawn to complete the job. The padded grip and adjustable handles enhance more comfort.

The safety buttons prevent the dethatcher from starting accidentally. The three adjustable heights allow the user to choose how deep to remove the dead grass.

Sun Joe AJ801E 12-Amp 13-Inch Electric Dethatcher 

Sun Joe sacrifier is the best dethatcher for the midsize yard. The 13-inch wide thatching path with 12-A motor and spring steel tines helps to speed up its performance.

The folding handle is for easy storage and an instant start button for getting to work right away. The five dethatching heights allow the user to choose the appropriate dethatching depth.

The dethatcher usually leaves behind a mess that requires additional time and effort to clean up. It makes the dethatching process tedious.  

Agri-Fab 40-Inch Tine Tow Dethatcher

Agri-Fab is the best dethatcher for large lawns. The 40-inch tines penetrate and turn up dried grass, weeds, and soil for planting.

The spring-load tines are rust-proof and replaceable. Besides that, the treated tines enhance durability and reduce the cost of replacement.

The dethatcher comes from the United States, and it is easy to transport. Raising and lowering the tines is a no-brainer task regardless of your experience.

Final Thoughts

I hope this information in this guide helped you learn how to remove dead grass from lawn and save on the cost of hiring a professional. (Source: University of Maryland).

Maintaining a healthier lawn in the United States is both labor and capital-intensive. Research shows that many homeowners spend millions to keep the lawn lush and green.

Please leave a kind note in the comment section and share the article with other lawn care enthusiasts in your circle. Removing dead grass from your lawn is a matter of urgency.