Snow Queen Vs Marble Queen Pothos: Differences & Similarities

I have grown different types of pothos for over two decades. Snow queen and marble queen pothos varieties have been my favorite species.

But I used to find it challenging to tell the difference between snow queen and marble queen pothos. It took me several months of research to learn how to differentiate them.

So, what is the main difference between snow queen vs marble queen pothos? Snow queen pothos has white tones and marble queen pothos has green tones. Besides that, snow queens grow faster than marble queens.

This article will help you further tell the difference between snown queen and a marble queen in terms of foliage color, growth rate, and ultimate care regime. You’ll also learn the similarities between snow queen and marble queen pothos.

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Comparison Table (Snow Queen Vs Marble Queen Pothos)

Basic TermsSnow Queen PothosMarble Queen Pothos
VariegationMore whiteMore green
Leaf Shape and AppearanceHeart-shaped and more translucent.Heart-shaped and less translucent.
Growth RateExperience medium growth rate.Experience slower growth than snow queen.
Leaf TypeThinner and less veined.Thicker and more deeply veined.
Foliage ColorLeaves are light green with white stripes on the surface.Leaves are darker and shiny.
Soil RequirementLoose and well-drained potting mix.Rich in peat moss and compost.
Light RequirementLow-bright indirect sunlight.Medium-bright indirect sunlight.
Fertilizer RequirementSlow-release fertilizerWell-balanced and general-purpose houseplant fertilizers.
Mature Height3.2 feet5.0 feet
Watering RoutineOnce every 10 daysOnce every 7 days

What Are Snow Queen Pothos?

Snow queen pothos is the most common houseplants. Thanks to its white variegations and trailing vines that make a bold statement in any space.

Growing and caring for this stunning pothos variety is super easy. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors within 10-11 US zones.

Outdoor snow queens are larger than their indoor counterparts. Besides that, they require little maintenance. But frosts weather can make them die faster.

The pothos species are invasive and can be propagated easily. It grows wide quite quickly when compared to marble queen pothos.

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What Are Marble Queen Pothos?

Marble queen is another popular type of pothos. It is an easy and undemanding species when compared to other pothos varieties.

Marble queen loves medium to bright indirect sunlight. Sufficient lighting condition promotes faster growth and better health.

This stunning evergreen climber is an incredible addition to your plant collection at home or office. It is native to tropical and temperate regions. (Source: University of Florida).

Marble pothos is ideal for air purification in the house. But this ornamental plant is toxic to cats and dogs when ingested.

Main Difference between Snow Queen and Marble Queen Pothos

Leaf Texture

Snow queens have heart-shaped and glossy leaves. The leaf surface is a bit waxier when you run the finger from top to bottom side.

Marble queens have heart-shaped and shiny leaves. The leaf surface is smoother when compared to snow queen pothos leaves.


Snow queens have white variegation and less green. The white tones make this ornamental plant more translucent.

Marble queens have dark-green variegation with fewer white strips. The green tones make this houseplant less translucent.

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Growth Rate

Snow queens grow faster than other pothos varieties. The fast growth rate occurs when snow queen pothos gets a proper care regime.

Marble queens have a slower growth rate than snow queens. But better lighting, fertilizer application, and optimum temperature will help to speed up the growth rate.

Light Requirement

Snow queen pothos thrives under low to bright indirect sunlight conditions. The less green pigment can help the plant undertake its physiological activities.

Marble queen loves medium to bright indirect sunlight conditions. It helps the plant produce more chlorophyll pigment to maintain its dark-green coloration.

Soil and Watering Requirement

Snow queens require a loose and well-drained potting mix to prevent overwatering issues. The houseplant needs watering once every ten days.

Marble queens require soil rich in peat moss and compost to facilitate better growth and hold moisture for an extended period. It needs watering once every seven days.

Fertilizer Requirement

Snow queens need slow-releasing fertilizers. The plant owners should consider inexpensive organic fertilizers such as seaweeds or worm castings.

Marble queens need well-balanced and general-purpose fertilizers to speed up their slow-growth rate. But the fertilizer should be applied every month during spring and summer.

Fungal Disease

Snow queens experience a slow growth rate due to the white tones. The leaf coloration makes the houseplant more vulnerable to fungal diseases.

Marble queens have more dark-green pigment. The leaf coloration makes marble queen pothos less susceptible to fungal diseases.

Similarities between Snow Queen and Marble Queen Pothos

Pothos are tropical plants and love a warm climate regardless of the varieties. Both snow queen and marble queen pothos thrive under a temperature range of 65-85oF.

Both snow queen and marble queen pothos belong to the same species. Besides that, these indoor plants can tolerate normal humidity.

The length and shape of the petiole for both plants are the same. But the snow queen petioles have more white tones when compared to marble queen petioles.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Snow Queen Pothos Rare?

Not really. This variegated pothos is quite popular in many homes and plant stores. The white variegation allows the houseplant to make a bold statement in a room or office space.

Is Manjula Pothos and Marble Queen the Same?

Both manjula pothos and marble queen belong to the same Araceae family and pothos genus. But the species is what makes them quite different.

Why Is My Marble Queen Pothos Yellow?

Improper soil moisture is the leading cause of marble queen pothos turning yellow. If the condition persists, the houseplant will develop root rot and eventually die.

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In Conclusion

The difference between snow queen and marble queen pothos depends on leaf color. Marble queen pothos has creamy and green coloration. Snow queen pothos has more white tones than green pigment.

Marble queen pothos needs regular trimming due to their medium growth rate. But snow queen pothos has a compact design and requires less trimming.

Both snow queen and marble queen pothos belong to the same species. These ornamental plants require less maintenance and care routine.

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