Why Are Variegated Monstera So Expensive? (Monstera Prices)

Shopping for variegated monstera houseplants can be both an exciting and daunting experience for many novice gardeners. 

Monstera plants have become quite famous today. Every gardener is now sharing a picture of this tropical plant on Instagram and Pinterest. 

This houseplant has unique split leaves with vibrant green colors. It is one of the reasons why this beautiful plant features in many magazines in the United States of America. 

So, why is monstera so expensive? Most monstera varieties are rare. The stunning white-spotted leaves and rarity is the reason behind the hefty price tags. 

Variegated monstera produces less chlorophyll making them experience less photosynthesis when compared to other houseplants. 

Keep in mind that growing and maintaining a variegated monstera is super challenging. It is another reason behind the rarity and abnormal price tags. 

This article provides an insight into the reasons behind the high price and some of the common monstera price ranges in the UK, USA, and Canada. 

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Reasons Why Variegated Monstera Is Expensive

Below are some of the reasons behind the monstera high price tags:


Most monstera varieties are quite rare. Growing and maintaining this houseplant is usually challenging among many gardeners. 

These houseplants grow slowly and require ultimate care. The hectic work makes many people avoid growing it. It is the probable reason why they are rare. 

Exotic Appearance

The exotic appeal of monstera contributes to their abnormal price tags. This tropical plant has glossy and vibrant green leaves with perforations. 

The uncommon graphic patterns and size of monstera help to make a statement in your living lounge. The exotic vibe makes this houseplant worth the high price tag. 

Trending Nature

The leaf pattern of this Swiss Cheese Plant helped to foster its popularity. The houseplant found its way on the internet and many people fell in love with it. 

Thousands of social media influencers take a picture of this plant every day. The number of sharings and comments on the social media platforms make it a trend. 

Professional gardeners growing and propagating the houseplant have taken advantage of people willing to have it at home. They charge high prices in the long run. 

Purify the Indoor Air

The lush and unique appearance of monstera is the main reason behind the hefty price tags. But the plant has another incredible quality making it worth the high price. 

Monstera varieties help to clean the indoor air in a natural way. It removes pollutants from the indoor air. Monstera is an excellent choice for keeping your indoor air fresh. 

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Memorable Name

Monstera varieties come with cool names. These interesting and easy-to-remember names also contribute to their high prices. 

These magical plant names can remind you of something about the Harry Potter Movie. The number of searches about monstera cool names on various search engines is super high. 

Difficult to Grow and Care

Monstera is among the most challenging houseplants to grow and maintain. Novice gardeners are advised not to consider this houseplant. 

Propagating, growing, and caring for monstera plants need a professional gardener. This factor contributes to the rarity and high price tags. 

 Large Size for Interior Decorations

Variegated monstera offers trendy minimalist interior design. Thanks to the large size that makes the monstera an ideal statement plant. 

The conspicuous leaves colors of this Swiss Cheese Plant help to pop out your interior decor. The exotic looks make the plant popular in interior designs causing the price to shoot up. 

Most Expensive Variegated Monstera Varieties 

Below are the main varieties of variegated monstera that are super expensive:

Monstera Deliciosa

It is also known as windowleaf plant or Mexican breadfruit. The plant grows up to 60 feet tall by climbing on other trees in the wild. 

Monstera deliciosa has fenestrated leaves on mature plants. The plant usually produces flowers and fruits known as Mexican breadfruit or monstera fruits. 

Indoor monstera deliciosa rarely bloom and grow tall. The houseplant is prone to root rot and prefers bright indirect sunlight. 

The average price range is $20 to $100. But those gardeners looking to propagate their monstera deliciosa will cost between $10 and $15. 

Monstera Borsigiana

This houseplant is also known as Monstera deliciosa f. Borsigiana. It has small leaves, thin stems, and longer internodes. Besides that, this monstera variety grows faster. 

The thin stems make the plant a climber. You will need a supportive pole for this houseplant in your house. The plant is susceptible to root rot and prefers bright indirect sunlight. 

Monstera borsigiana is the most expensive variegated monstera. The average price range is $1000 to $ 5000. But the non-variegated counterpart is quite affordable. 

Monstera Obliqua

It is also known as a unicorn plant. It is the rarest species of variegated monstera and it usually confuses many gardeners with Monstera Adansonii.

The houseplant has extreme fenestrations on the leaves. The remaining leaf usually looks like lace on the plant. 

Growing and maintaining monstera obliqua is super demanding. It is not the best plant for novice gardeners and faint-hearted individuals. 

The plant grows slowly and thrives under bright indirect sunlight. The average cost of a single cutting is around $5000 to $8000. 

Monstera Pinnatipartita

This is yet another large variety of monstera. But it has a more compact stem with shorter internodes spacing. Monstera pinnatipartita is a slow creeper. 

Finding young pinnatipartita is super hard and expensive. The average cost of a single cutting is about $100 to $300. The plant prefers bright indirect light and a well-drained potting mix. 

Monstera Standleyana

Many novice gardeners usually call it a philodendron cobra. But this is the wrong name for this monstera variety. It is a variegated monstera vine with long and narrow leaves. 

The vibrant dark green leaves have white or creamy small spots and streaks. Fenestration on leaves only appears on mature plants. 

Monstera standleyana needs extra bright indirect sunlight to facilitate photosynthesis. It also grows slowly due to a lack of chlorophyll to manufacture more food. 

The average monstera price range is $25 to $200 or more. The houseplant is grown as a runner and needs extra support to enhance upright posture. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a monstera plant cost?

The average monstera price ranges from $5 to $10,000. Keep in mind that variegated monstera varieties are super expensive when compared to non-variegated monstera. 

Why is Monstera so popular?

It is due to the exotic looks and rarity. These two factors have played a major role in the trend of the houseplant. Most digital influencers have taken up the challenge of popularizing the houseplant. 

Which Monstera is the most expensive?

Monstera adansonii variegata is the most expensive. The average monstera price is about $38000 from many reputable online stores. 

Are Monstera plants rare?

Absolutely. There are over 48 species of monstera and finding all of these varieties is quite hard. The rarity is the reason behind the high price tags. 

Can Monstera take full sun?

No. Excess direct sunlight exposure will cause sunburn on the leaves. Monstera prefers bright indirect sunlight to grow faster. But the houseplant can also tolerate low light. 

Can a regular Monstera become variegated?

Yes. But only through genetic alteration. The alteration causes cell mutation and the green leaves reemerge with new colorations. 

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In Conclusion

Most monstera varieties are rare and super expensive. Growing this houseplant is challenging for novice gardeners. It requires ultimate care and maintenance for better health. 

Many large companies and digital influencers have taken total control of the plants. The rarity and difficulty of caring for monstera is the reason behind the high price tags. 

But there are some monstera varieties, especially the non-variegated, which happen to be more affordable and easier to maintain. 

So, what do you think about the current monstera price range? Do you think the price range will last forever? Do more research on the most expensive monstera before making the right decision.

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